STOP PRESS: Road and Race become accredited Gtechniq Detailer

April 08, 2019

The team at Road and Race Restorations Ltd are proud to announce that they recently became an accredited Gtechniq Platinum detailer.

The Gtechniq range offers superior ceramic coatings for paintwork, as well as protective coatings for interiors, glass and alloy wheels to help keep your pride and joy in the best possible condition.

As one of only a handful of approved Gtechniq detailers in the UK, Road and Race are able to offer exclusive packages that utilise cutting edge Gtechniq products.

What’s more our manufacturer approved repair and restoration service means that you can detail your car safe in the knowledge that our experts are trained to the highest level and offer a fully professional service that is guaranteed by Gtechniq’s 5 year warranty.

If you’re considering giving your car the Gtechniq Platinum treatment, browse our FAQs below or contact the Road and Race team on 0161 7038427 to discuss your requirements.

Gtechniq FAQs

What exactly is Gtechniq?
Gtechniq uses the latest in protective ceramic coating technology to offer you and your drive unbeatable protection against the elements and everyday use. The Gtechniq product range extends from paintwork to wheel alloys, interior protection to glass.

Why do I need to choose an accredited Gtechniq detailer?
Choosing an accredited Gtechniq detailer is not only sensible but essential if you wish to benefit from a fully guaranteed service.

How long does it take?
As with any detailing job, the length of time to completion depends upon many variables. At Road and Race Restorations, we will discuss timescales with you and keep you fully updated throughout the detailing process.

How do I book?
Booking your Gtechniq detailing appointment is easy. Simply call Road and Race direct on 0161 7038427 or if you’d rather we call you, submit your contact details online and we’ll do the rest.

Where can I find out more?
For full details of the Gtechniq services on offer at Road and Race, check out our dedicated service page here.