Motor sport is the pinnacle of our passion with cars and bikes. John Bradshaw started racing Lotus Elans and modified sports cars against drivers like Steve Soper and Jonathan Palmer.

John modified, designed and built the cars in his garage with his friend John Raffo. The cars progressed through Modsports to special GT’s with a Cosworth BDG engined Lotus Europa culminating in building a single seat monoposto car which he won the National Championship with in 1987. Road and Race Restorations Ltd was formed in 1988 to answer requests from fellow competition to prepare and set up their cars.

Developing the business into restoring classics curtailed his racing activities until 2003 when he bought a 1976 Argo JM1 formula 3 car racing with his Historic Car Club and Classic Formula 3. 

In 2006 John’s son, Tom, started racing and it quickly became apparent that even after one season of karting at the age of 15, Tom possessed a talent. In his first season of racing at 16, he won the competitive Pre 90 Formula Ford Championship setting new lap records and winning the Championship with 10 wins from 13 starts.

Unfortunately Tom’s time is the Carrera Cup coincided with the economic downturn. This badly affected Tom’s loyal sponsor who had supported him through Palmer Audi and half way through 2010. They had to withdraw their support, ending Tom’s drive in Carrera Cup.

However several people saw Tom’s potential including the race car manufacturer, Juno. A local company who made prototype cars similar in performance to contemporary F3. Success followed in races all over Europe and the UAE.

Today Tom is busy taking over the reigns of Road and Race and raising his family of twin girls. He still finds time to competitively race his fathers and customers cars in Historic Racing and GT cars in Britcar and the GT Cup.

Glory In Gold

After finishing 2nd in qualifying, to an 800BHP Maclaren M8, a turn of luck led to Tom starting in pole position in The Gold Cup 2020 at Oulton Park. But luck had nothing to do with the exceptional performance that followed. 

Extensive knowledge of the track combined with passion and determination to win, saw Tom take home fastest lap and the highly anticipated first place trophy.

2021 season

April’s bank holiday weekend saw the Chevron B19 return to the track for the 2021 race season, piloted by Tom Bradshaw. Tom dominated the track at the Masters Historic Sportscar Race at Donnington and took home first place with a 45 second lead in 48 laps.

That’s not all we will see return to the track this year. 

At the end of May Tom will join his father, John, back in the Chevron for another Masters Historic Sportscar Race at Brands Hatch.