VW Group Approved

Road and Race Restorations Limited are proud to be a leading VW Group approved repairer, meaning we can supply you with expert paintwork, polishing, repair and restoration services for your Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda.


As a Volkswagen Approved Paint and Body Centre, we are committed to providing the highest standard of repairs using expert understanding and skill and we strive to deliver exceptional customer service. We receive annual audits, carried out by independent auditors to ensure we are providing perfection.

At Road and Race Restorations we only use Volkswagen Group approved paint and materials and genuine parts. So whether its a VW, Seat or Skoda, your post repair vehicle will be nothing short of immaculate. 

Not only do our technicians receive first class training approved by VW, they are also provided with the latest technologies, tools and equipment. We use the correct, approved repairs methods throughout every repair and our directors inspect every vehicle. So you can rest assured your car is receiving all of our extensive experience, expertise and knowledge.

FAQs about your Volkswagen

If you have an accident, whether you want it to go through your insurance or not, you will need to contact us. 

Once we have been contacted, we can begin the process of repairs by booking an estimate. Due to the current climate with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also providing estimates via images. If you would like to visit our site for your estimate, please visit our news page for all updates on our COVID-19 policies before arriving.

If you would like to make a claim through your insurance, you will need to notify them. They may ask you to have your vehicle repaired with a different repairer but it is your legal right to have your vehicle repaired where you choose. If you would like any advice in regards to this, please contact us.

Once one of our estimators has inspected the vehicle and produced an estimate, they will be able to provide you with an approximate time frame for the repair. This approximation will depend on the extent of the damage.

We do offer courtesy cars to customers for the duration of their vehicle repair. However if you have been involved in a non fault accident, you are entitled to a like for like hire car through your insurance!

As a Volkswagen Approved Paint and Body Centre, we are proud to offer a Volkswagen Authenticity Guarantee.


Road and Race Restorations is a Volkswagen Approved Paint and Body Centre. Therefore all repairs are carried out in line with Volkswagen Approved Standards and will not affect any guarantee’s or warranties your vehicle may have.

Insurance companies set a threshold for repair costs based on the value of your car. If the total repair cost is close to/ in excess of this threshold, your vehicle may be deemed as a total loss. In this instance your insurance company may give you the option to retain the salvage. If you agree to this, you will need to arrange collection of the vehicle from our site. If not, we will contact you to arrange collection of any personal belongings before a recovery company collects the vehicle.

You will need to contact your insurance directly to enquire about any funds you may be entitled to.

It may be easy to tell if your vehicle is legally undrivable if it has sustained major damage, such as:

  • Bent or misaligned wheels.
  • Chassis damage.
  • Damage to fuel tank.
  • Missing panels.

Minor damage that will make your vehicle legally undrivable includes:

  • Broken headlights/indicator lights.
  • Boot lid unable to close properly.
  • Broken windows.
  • One or more doors wont lock.

If you are unsure if your vehicle is drivable or you do not feel safe driving, please contact a member of our team.

If you choose to raise a claim with your insurance for the damage on your vehicle, you may be liable for an excess or the VAT element of the repair. We will always keep you updated with any cost you may incur. 

You will be liable for the cost of any repairs that are not included in an insurance claim. You will be contacted by one of our estimators to discuss costings before the vehicle repair is booked in.