Repair · Restoration · Racing 

Body Repair Services

Full cosmetic accident repair for all vehicles carried out by skilled engineers.

Manufacturer and insurance approved services.

Ceramic Coating

Protect your investment with ceramic treatments across paint, glass, wheels and interior.

Next Generation Peelable Car Paint

Automotive paint protection has been on the minds on motorists since decades ago but P1 Coatings are taking the paint protection film to a whole new level by combining the advantages of PPF with the advantages of paint.


Motor sport is the pinnacle of our passion of cars and bikes. John Bradshaw started racing Lotus Elans and modified sports cars against drivers like Steve Soper and Jonathan Palmer.


Getting your pride and joy back to it's former glory is fuel to our passion at Road and Race Restorations. Our specialist mechanics will work with you to design, develop and implement a bespoke build.

Our passion

Your drive 

Founded by John Bradshaw, Road and Race Restorations was born from his passion for building, repairing and restoring racing cars over 30 years ago. 

Since then, the business has grown to become one of the UK’s leading car body repair specialists for prestige, classic and racing cars.